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Oogii is a small unit of smart thinking, dedicated professionals supporting you to fulfil your potential and achieve your career and lifestyle ambitions. With thorough experience of employment related services and working knowledge of marketing, copy writing, recruitment and behavioural psychology, we simultaneously apply common sense and creative thinking in positioning you above competing candidates.


If you have searched online for Professional CV Writing or Outplacement services, you cannot have failed to notice that many providers claim to be the UK's Leading, Best or #1 CV writing service. Common sense will tell you that such claims are exaggerated, as only one can be the best, not several.


We don't insult your intelligence by making the same swaggering, unprovable claim.  However, we do believe we are exceptionally good at what we do, are confident that the quality of our work is first class and know our methods get results. 

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Our Services In Brief

Private Clients


We provide a range of career, outplacement/redundancy services aimed at equipping our clients to get the role they want.


Based in Leeds, we work remotely, primarily across the UK - but also with international clients -, delivering free CV reviews, Professional CV writing, LinkedIn profile writing, Cover Letter writing and Job Application writing for all career levels and sectors, including niche professions.


To add value, we are happy to provide ongoing support throughout your job search (but only if you feel you need it, we won't force it on you!) offering advice on  things like which jobs to apply for, identifying keywords and likely interview questions, modifying your CV, feedback on presentations and so forth. We keep you motivated, despite setbacks, when push comes to shove. It's all on the table and your call.


As our work in this area is primarily online, you can access our services from anywhere in the UK or the world.


Send us your CV and tell us about your aspirations!

Corporate Clients


Business to business, we offer both remote and face to face outplacement support across northern England for employees who are losing their jobs.

Supporting employees through this transition reduces the risk of costly legal proceedings, maintains morale and makes employees feel valued for their contributions.

We support employers and their employees by delivering a comprehensive range of outplacement services so  Managers can get on with their own jobs while outgoing employees smoothly transition into alternative employment .

Whether it is one employee or 50, we will be there to see each person through. We don't work on a box ticking principle; we do it our way to ensure your employees have the confidence and tools  to move forward. 

We provide 1:1 outplacement consultations for all career levels, including executives. Where several employees are being outplaced and have general needs, we offer interactive and relevant and engaging group outplacement workshops.


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