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In this day and age, everyone is expected to have a CV, no matter what your job or what career level you are at. It is a simple fact that the quality of your CV  determines how many interviews you get and, therefore, how long it takes you to get a new job.

In the UK, it takes an average 27 applications to result in 1 interview and 14 interviews to land a job. That adds up to a whopping 378 applications before you get a job. That's adds up to a lot of time (and stress) spent on job searching, applying and waiting for callbacks. Can you afford to waste time that could be better spent doing the things you enjoy instead?


Many people opt to write their own CV. However, it is not realistic to expect that a the CV you create will have the same impact as the expertly crafted, professional CV we will produce for you. Just as we couldn't do your job like a pro after watching a couple of instructional YouTube videos or finding information online, the same applies in reverse. There is a lot of conflicting advice online telling you how to write the perfect CV (and there is no such thing as a perfect CV!), which can be so confusing that it doesn't really help at all. Much of the CV advice found online is written for the U.S. market (the use of the word "resume" is a dead giveaway). CV standards vary from one country to the next, so it is vital your CV  is written in line with UK style CV expectations if you are applying for a job here in the UK. Even if the company is not based in the UK, if the job role will be in the UK, the hiring team (who are more than likely to be in the UK) will expect to receive a British style CV.  The international language of business is English, so if you are looking for an international role, having an English CV is also recommended. As highly credible CV writing consultants, we know what to write in a professional CV and how to write it in a way that markets your skills, attributes and experience attractively, so it speaks to as many hiring managers as possible.


 Each of our small writing team are gifted wordsmiths with direct experience of recruitment, hiring, marketing and copy writing. This combination of knowledge and skills makes our professional CV writing expertise first class.  If you want to secure a new job quickly and effectively, it makes sense to take advantage of the specific skills we offer. When you hire us, you will not need to ask "Why aren't I getting job interviews?"


With 90% of vacancies outsourced to recruiters and advertised widely online, it is not unusual for hundreds (sometimes thousands) of candidates to apply for a single job role. In an increasingly crowded labour market where people change jobs often to progress, it is becoming harder to get noticed. Here at Oogii, we see thousands of CVs, and while some people already have a great CV, most CVs we review are average or below average.  Average doesn't stand out!

Condensing your attributes, personal qualities, knowledge, skills and experience through the written word into a 2 page professional CV isn't as easy as many people think. Content is the bottom line when it comes to communicating the right message through your CV.  You also have to consider Applicant Tracking Systems, which are responsible for as many as 80% of online job applications being rejected before they even get to the recruiter or employer, either because they don't contain the right keywords or the formatting is not compatible with applicant tracking systems. Whilst CV presentation is important, without effective content that can be read by both machines and humans, it does not matter to a hiring managers how pretty your CV looks - style over substance will not win you the job interview. 


Many people don't know where to start when it comes to writing their own CV.  When you look online for advice, there is a conflicting mix of bad and good information about how to write and format a CV.  CV templates that you can download may look nice, but many of the CV designs you will find online are incompatible with applicant tracking systems and disliked by  employers, the majority of whom prefer a clean, traditional CV. There are many CV writing mistakes pitfalls, both big and small, to avoid. Hiring us to write your CV for you means you don't have to worry about any of that, or waste time and energy on the trial and error it takes to fine tune your CV to the point it starts getting results.

Hiring us to write your CV is an investment because a well-written CV that markets your skills and experience powerfully will help you get a better job with more pay and greater prospects, plus it gives you a great CV to edit and  build on going forward.

Having a first class CV will result in more job interviews from your applications which can lead to not one, but multiple job offers. It's certainly not unusual for our clients.

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Warning Signs That Your CV Needs Attention and Why You Should Avoid Using Templates

It is important that your CV is meeting the requirements of applicant tracking systems, recruiters AND the direct employer, all at the same time. Each one has a different take on your CV, as each has their own agenda. To get over the first hurdle, your CV needs to meet certain technical requirements that will ensure it passes through the applicant tracking system without any problems. Secondly, the recruiter, who is hired by the employer, wants to see you have the required skills and experience for the role. The average recruiter spends just 6.25 seconds skim reading each CV when deciding which candidates to eliminate and which to keep. They need to have absolute confidence in you as a quality candidate and clearly see how your skills and experience match the job role. Finally, the direct employer is looking to see how you well you fit with their company values, culture and existing team. These are the final decision makers and the people you will be working with every day, so they need to form a positive mental image of you and what it is like to work alongside you. For more on applicant tracking systems click here.

Fancy CV templates and formats might seem tempting but most likely will encounter problems going through ATS; and whilst they appear modern and stylish, research suggests that most recruiters and hiring managers prefer traditional CVs that are detailed, well-structured, simple to navigate and easy to read.

Either too little or too much information is a common problem we see. Too little and you just won't be getting your relevant skills across. Too much information and relevant points will get lost in long lists or unnecessary paragraphs.


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Fancy formatting might look stylish to you but this style of CV is not compatible with ATS. The way the content is laid out makes it busy and hard to read so most employers prefer a traditional CV that is easy on the eye

Many people send their CV out as the wrong file type. Always send your CV as a Word document unless another file type is specifically requested.

Graphics will be removed by ATS as the system can only 'read' text. The same goes for formatting like page breaks and columns, which will leave your text scrambled. Your CV should be written as a simple Word document to minimise the risk of being rejected.

Both not enough and too much detail is detrimental to your CV. Except for your profile, steer away from writing paragraphs and use bullets instead. Include relevant information and keywords that match the job criteria. Avoid repetition.

Your CV should not include your photo. It is not standard practice in the UK and can lead to discrimination.

Headers, footers and boxes can be incompatible with applicant tracking systems

A First Class CV is an Investment in your Future. Here's How We Do It.

Once you have decided you want us to rewrite your CV, we will get to know you, your skills and experience. If you have chosen one of our consultation packages, we will talk to you about where you see yourself next in your career and ask you to send us links to some vacancies that interest you. From there, we conduct in-depth research into your desired roles and align your personal attributes, qualities, skills and experience to your desired role to plan your best CV yet.

The next step is to write your customised CV. We never use templates or fancy formatting features - many of these are incompatible with Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS) and the majority of hiring managers prefer a well-structured, traditional CV.  ATS, in case you don't know, are computer programmes used by recruiters to save time filtering large numbers of CVs by hand. They are responsible for as many as 80% of applications being rejected at the very first stage when applying for vacancies online.


We write your CV from scratch, so it is unique and personal to you. We optimise it for your ideal role or a specific vacancy. This results in a relevant, shrewdly targeted CV that communicates what the hiring manager wants to see, leaving them in no doubt that you have the skills, experience and personality they are looking for.

You can't rush quality. Researching and crafting an awesome CV takes time. We offer a range of CV packages. We always recommend our Standard or Paced packages as first choice but understand some candidates need a CV fast to meet a closing date deadline. With this in mind,  we also offer a less intensive,  2 day turnaround Express service to revamp and sharpen up your existing CV. We always aim to get it right first time but you may feel some aspects need fine tuning. Any amendments are usually made quickly and once your CV is complete, we will forward it to you in both MS Word, and if requested, PDF format.

We encourage our clients to stay in touch with us to keep us informed of progress and gladly offer support and advice throughout your job search. We want to know that your new CV is working for you to realise your career aspirations and celebrate with you in spirit when you land that interview for your dream job.


"Excellent service would highly recommend. My CV has never looked so professional. Great customer service and communication throughout, thanks Sue for all your help."

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