Writing a professional LinkedIn profile that is unique to you and really sets you apart in your field can be difficult.

In recent times, we've noticed a dramatic increase in the number of vacancies being advertised through LinkedIn, as well as recruiters and employers requesting applications using a LinkedIn profile instead of a traditional CV. This means having an attractive, compelling LinkedIn profile and bio is more important than ever for ambitious, career-minded people who are looking for new career opportunities and challenges.

If you take some time to browse profiles of LinkedIn members in the same profession and occupation as yourself, you will often see that profiles are "samey", soullessly stringing together exhausted buzzwords or phrases into trite sentences, without any hint of individuality, in some cases. 


 Our approach is to distinguish you from your LinkedIn peers by giving potential employers or clients a LinkedIn profile they can get excited about, which shows you are more than the sum of your working parts because employers hire people, not simply a set of skills.

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