5 Reasons To Choose Us

What makes our Premium CV  Services different to run-of-the-mill CV Writing Factories?

We Are Picky About Writers

Most CV writers have a background based in recruitment. This isn't enough. Whilst it is useful, being a recruiter does not make for an elegant CV writer. Your CV has to appeal not just to ATS and recruiters, but the people already working with the actual employer. These are the people who will make the final decision on who to interview.

As luck would have it, we have experience of recruitment, writing marketing copy and a profound understanding of hiring psychology, which means we are well placed to communicate a rounded, compelling value proposition which appeals on multiple, subtle levels. We do not write CVs that string together a bunch of hollow buzzwords in a lazy and clumsy effort to impress. We choose meaningful words wisely and pitch your CV in the right tone to ensure you convey the right message articulately and persuasively.  

We Stick Around

When you hire us to write your CV, we stick around to support you throughout your job search if you need advice. We want to see you succeed in achieving your ambitions and encourage our clients to stay in touch and keep us updated on how they are progressing. Many of our former clients have connected with their writers on Linkedin and we embrace this. We appreciate our clients' success as our own because we recognise our own reputation depends on it.

We Are Not A CV Factory

Many CV writing companies employ cheap labour from overseas or underpay freelance writers so they can mass produce CVs at low cost. It is a sad fact that many of our clients have already paid to have their CV written by another company to only find out later that their CV is ineffective. Unfortunately, this practice casts a shadow over the entire industry, leaving many people sceptical about the benefits of having their CV written by professionals with integrity, like ourselves. You can rest assured that our writers, who are all UK based, are paid fairly and will send you a CV that is beautifully written and fit for purpose. Every job we undertake is proofread 3 different ways. minimising sneaky typos and errors.

We Do It Our Way

Unlike other CV writing companies, we always do things our way to get results. We do not follow trends, fads or favour style over substance. Our writers all have a strong, intuitive grasp of behavioural psychology with experience of recruitment, marketing and writing copy. We use our knowledge, insight and sharp perception to pitch each CV in a way that speaks to decision makers on both a practical and emotional level. In a competitive market, where candidates are often equally qualified and experienced, we instinctively understand how to give our clients an edge that makes them stand head and shoulders above their competition and appeal to hiring managers in a way that will get them the interview. 

We Refuse To Rush

You can't rush quality and we won't. Our Standard and Paced CV Writing packages are managed exclusively by a Senior Writer. This might mean you will have to wait and it definitely means that your CV will not be completed overnight! We take our time over your CV, ensuring we are equipped with all the information needed before commencing work. We explore your experience and aspirations through consultation with you, conduct extensive research into job roles and companies, planning out your CV before we even think about putting electronic pen to virtual paper. The higher level and more complex your career, the longer this can take which is why we do not recommend our express package for the most senior candidates.


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